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What is Tramigo T22?
It's a Personal Asset Tracking Device

Tramigo T22 is the world's first truly plug and play portable tracking device available for all the GSM markets, more than 220 countries and areas. Tramigo T22 can be used for hundreds of different purposes and in as many ways; when ever you need to know where your loved ones or your assets are and what is their current status.

You can use T22 with text messaging in your local language. Tramigo has inbuilt map of your area with thousands of landmarks and allows you to add your own landmarks such as home, office and friends. You can simply check the location of your important assets and loved ones with user-friendly SMS commands.

Tramigo T22 needs only a normal SIM card (prepaid or postpaid) of any operator and is ready for use, there are NO other charges than the text messages sent or calls made from Tramigo T22 to your phones.

Tramigo M1 Our M1 S60 software makes Tramigo tracking units even easier to use via menus so you don't have to remember any commands.

How and where Tramigo T22 works?
Tramigo T22 combines the GPS (Global Positioning System), GSM (mobile network) and geographical information (TLD Tramigo Landmark Data) into one device.

Tramigo T22 uses the GPS satellites to position itself getting very accurate positioning, then it finds the closest TLD landmark to that point from its internal memory and send the information across to any authorized mobile phone as a text message using the GSM network. Tramigo is commanded with simple text message commands; sending word Find or letter F to your Tramigo T22 you will get the actual location of your Tramigo back to your phone as a message. Simple, intelligent and very secure.

Tramigo T22 is multilingual and is currently available with local landmark information to your country and over 220 other countries and areas. Please get in touch with us for the best way to purchase Tramigo T22 in your country.

Tramigo T22 - Personal Asset Tracking Device
Tramigo T22, GPS that really works! Just add a pre- or postpaid SIM card and track any movable asset with your mobile phone. T22 is affordable with attractive, multi-language design and easy-to-use features. The first GPS Product available with local TLD landmarks to any GSM market.

Consumer GSM Accessory with SIM Card

  • Access to new Subscriber Market. All vehicles and other movable assets � Active SMS and Voice Usage. User-Friendly features both for consumer and corporate use
  • Unique New Product to Increase Brand-awareness. Be The First in Your Market.


Tramigo for Families
- TrackLove!
Tramigo for Companies
- No Monthly Fees
  • Portable Tracking and Monitoring Device for Family Use
  • Every Day Peace-of-Mind Tool. Where are my loved ones?
  • Track Family Vehicles. Free-of-Charge Smart Phone Tool for Multi-vehicle Use
  • Locate, Call and Listen to your Children
  • Track and Monitor Vehicles and
    Assets. The only all-inclusive GPS
  • Perfect Solution for SME Companies. NO Monthly or Annual License Fees. Free-of-Charge PC Tool with Google Earth Support
  • Installation Kit available for security installations

Special Editions available also for Motor-bike and Marine Use!

Tramigo T22 Main Features
Tramigo is a completely new and unique way to track and guard your assets and loved ones. Tramigo T22 combines mobile technology (GSM) with satellites (GPS) and can be used with any mobile phone. No monthly or annual fees, you only need to add a local SIM card and your tramigo T22 is ready for use.

  • Tramigo Landmark Data
    Up to 10000 in-build pre-loaded landmarks of your country •Nationwide and regional coverage • 220 countries and areas covered now • User can add customized locations, such as home, office etc.
  • Find - Location of T22 unit
    Check location with SMS / text message - tramigo replies with text refring to the closest local landmark • Tramigo can alsoreport you the three nearest landmarks and send you automated distance or time - based location messages
  • Automated Reporting
    Monitor speed, trips and create your own zones • receive automatic alerts to your mobile phone
  • Double Security - Silence Alarm
    Motion detector • Invisible GPS security shield Personal Assistance Button
  • Personal Assistance Button
    SOS / Alert message message to multiple receivers
  • Handsfree
    T22 has an in-built GSM phone with easy dial to selected numbers
  • Portable Design
    In-build long life battery; use as portable unit or with easy installation • Enchanced GPS reception • Use anywhere, roam with quad-band GSM modem
  • Tramigo M1 Smart Phone Software
    Easy multi vechicle/asset management with smart phones • Optional - Tramigo works with any mobile phone
  • Tramigo M1 PC Tool
    View your Tramigo T22's location with Google Earth on your PC

Tramigo Landmark Data is exclusively available in Tramigo Devices. This new, patent pending GPS data standard, makes Tramigo easy-to-use and affordable; T22 is truly the first GSM-GPS device for consumer users. Tramigo T22 comes always with preloaded local landmarks of your country. TLD landmark data is available for all the 220 GSM countries and areas.

Tramigo T22 - Personal Asset Tracking Device
Please get in touch with Tramigo for more information of the best way to purchase your Tramigo T22 or join the Tramigo family in your country or area and become Tramigo distributor or reseller, please contact [email protected]

Tramigo is now actively looking for partners in all the GSM countries; more than 220 countries and areas. Please apply now!

Tramigo T22 Personal Asset Tracking Device is a product of Tramigo Ltd. headquartered in Espoo, Finland. Pat. Pending.


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